“Float those stones. Then walk on them!”

I am a stone.   Stones are perceived as heavy and must sink in water but they also can be Believed to be firm and trustworthy, or appear to float.  I am full of energy in this metaphor as the challenge of coaching.   It speaks to the same spiritual theme of Purpose I bring to my clients as I do to my own life.  It says I can ‘defy gravity’ as it were, the power that keeps me anchored on earth OR can keep me stuck, or worse – sinking – in the course of my life.   I now this is a metaphor but it  is more than poetic.  Its power is open to one’s own experiment and experience in one’s real life.  Let me explain.

Ancient and contemporary wisdom concurs with today’s science: because consciousness is a shape-shifter it shapes our shifts.    In other words, as any good modern psychologist or social scientist knows, perception creates reality, the subject is changed by the observer.  So why not manage this process positively and assertively?  Change the reality by mindfully changing the experience of  observation, making our intentions really matter.  With practice the mind is as ‘trainable’ as any other muscle, and like muscle it has memory that can make winning actions virtually automatic.  Want some?

Good coaching offers the option to ‘stones that sink’ a bridge of such floating stones (chnaged beliefs) taking one forward to change their reality.   Coaching is a powerful way to float a stone, dis-create a negative belief permanently and replace it with any new one I choose.  Hah!  Stones can float.Well-coached people prove this to themselves all the time.

Am I kidding?  NO.  Thats’ what good competent coaching is based in.  Getting a grip on what it is we perceive through what it is we see – and we see though our beliefs, just as if they were tinted glass.  In my case for example, I believe I am a second-rate mechanic.   I approach my motorcycle’s breakdowns with more fear than confidence, sometimes in spite of my prior experience or knowledge of its workings, maintenance and repair requirments.  But I coach myself to believe I am competent and patient.  I “reframe” the problem.  And every time I do this, alter my belief in myself as a mechanic I act like a qualified mechanic.  Each success empowers the next one.  I replaced that broken clutch cable recently with calm and efficiency.  Forever hereafter I am the Cable guy.  Changing my self Belief altered my experience and changed the reality, how it went down.   I “floated my stone and walked upon it.”   Beliefs create my experience.  Practice makes my reality.

A prosaic example?  Perhaps.  To me it was a small but life-affirming joy overcoming a dark old doubt.

The point is not to measure my fear or doubt but to acknowledge that I can give “counter current” to messages within myself.  I can counter the unproductive messages within with Intentions that create new practice, new action and hence new reality.  If I go another step   –  visualize and act on another stone (of Belief) – I can remove/discard/discreate the former reality with one I choose and design, as it were.   “We experience whatever we put our attention on,’ my friend Lion Goodman says.

This ‘attention-directing’ is anything but benign or prosaic!  It is the essence of creativity, in whatever context you imagine it, business, family, love, community, .. or my garage.  Someone said to me recently, “Change is the mind of God.”  His rep is as a creator.  Think about it.  Coach yourself with it.  Make it part of your ‘game.’

More people need to know what coaching is about as perhap the most exciting healing or empowering “helping profession” of the 21st century.   Please investigate it and spread the news.

“Go float a stone.”



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