Had your dose of Wisdom today?

From “Who Benefits….

“About receiving wisdom: Core wisdom is that which observes certain laws in the universe and humanity that mean to produce new expressions of freedom and responsibility.   It holds and translates into action the innate dynamic powers that surround and motivate human development.   We call it ‘Wisdom’ to recognize it as a transcendant source of power.  One coaching aim is to utilize our higher consciousness and access Wisdom as we choose.”     CF Benz

Today, in more and more medical clinics, scientific studies and research sites, the proven benefit of mindful practices like meditation, yoga, and contemplative prayer are being demonstrated in health, stress reduction and intentional living.  The brain and the indefinable ‘mind’ are  seen working synergistically to effect intentional outcomes.  Wow!

We encourage you to investigate or research one of these modalities according to your own curiosity or vision for yourself, your health and spiritual growth.’  FOLLOW YOUR OWN INTUITION on this path of discovery; conduct your own experiment in open mind/open heart.

‘Spirituality’ is defined individually for each of us but ultimately its effect in us is compassion and intelligence toward ourselves, others and our intent for the planet.   Spirit claims and asserts gently our authentic opinions and boundaries so people see and respond to us genuinely, with their thoughtfulness and needs shared, at work or at play.  Thus we create creative connections with others that reward both mutually.

That is ‘Having a Great Day,’ a day of Wisdom.  What is the Spirit in your ‘spirituality?’


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