Group Coaching Skill #1

Q: “If you could lead a class on Leadership what would be your top three points?”

A:  “Charles(Chas) Benz

Listen.  Listen. & Listen.

You’re there to gather info AND affirm value in each team member. Liken it to creating a collage – while standing before them actively listen so they can see you linking their ideas/comments/puzzlements/suggestions together.  Synopsize similar comments into the larger positve themes as much as possible, including converting crits into pozs. If you believe all comments have a place you can be inclusive and exacting to the issue being addressed by the meeting.  Post-meeting: Follow-up on loose ends, thanking for contributions, acknowledging verbally and by consequent action taken, according to most sucessful/best outcomes of the meeting.  This rewards team effort and challenges any slack.

In Purpose coaching, dealing with such a profound question or orientation, one that is necessarily deeper and broader than some other coaching, listening takes on a more special role.   That is not to say it always earth-shaking.  Without even its mention purpose coaching can work among business teams as well as with a CEO, a manager or the individual.  On a scale from small to huge, the benign or ridiculous to the grand and strategic or life-changing, purpose is perceptible to those who look for it.  Therefore it is manageable, alterable, coachable!

Listen to the Inner Voice and help your client open their inner ears also to hear and communicate with it. This is the common courseof how guided visualoizatins work in a coaching session.


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