Men. “Positive Masculinity”….?


I borrow.  See authors    Matt Engler-Carlson, Mark Kiscela.  Their list of 10 representative male strengths follow . Traditional, conventional, how are these working in your life? Use them to see if areas in your life want new understanding or growth, or are there alternative beliefs you are curious enough to investigate?

A ‘New Masculinity’ is just being born as a way of consciousness.  More and more practioners are focused on the positive masculine instead of male deficits.  What can you do to open up this energy in your life and around you at work or in relationships?

The ‘unaccountable male’, the male of unstoppable hubris, has gained way too much stock in controlling our culture.*  Agree?   Disagree?  What are ‘they’ thinking?    We’d  like to hear from you.

  1. Male relational styles – developing relationships through having fun, doing active things, doing shared activities (such as participating in sport)
  2. Male ways of caring – being raised with  the expectation that
    they must care for and protect their family and friends
  3. Generative fatherhood –  the way a father is committed to caring for the next generation through meeting the needs of his children
  4. Male self-reliance – the way men and boys use their
    own resources to confront life’s challenges (I’m thinking about the cave in John Gray’s Men are from Mars…)
  5. The worker/provider tradition in men – the way men naturally take on the role of the breadwinner and acquire a sense of meaning and purpose through work
  6. Male courage, daring, and risk-taking – e.g. in their choice of work or sport (but balanced by good judgment against foolhardiness and recklessness)
  7. The group orientation of men and boys – the way they band together to achieve a common purpose
  8. The humanitarian service of fraternal organizations – developing social interest and a sense of belonging through involvement in male organizations
  9. Men’s use of humor – as a way to attain intimacy, have fun,
    develop and maintain relationships, show they care, reduce tension, and manage conflict.
  10. Male heroism – demonstrating exceptional nobility in the way they lead their lives, overcoming great obstacles, or making great contributions to others.

*See also HBO’s flic, “Too Big to Fail,” and the book, “Tangled Webs” by NY Times writer, James Stewart



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