Another take on the “End of the World?”

“End of the world.” A cultural phenom: how much chatter this preacher’s prognostication caused!  I heard it everywhere I went.  I wonder, why?  Because since 9/11 and the economic collapse of ’08 we’ve been governed by fear?  Natural disasters abound worldwide.  Is the millenium message of 2000, “Wake Up.  It’s a New Era!,” catching up with us?  Is there a shift within our society’s collective psyche to which all of us are atuned in one way or another?

My father was born into and survived the Great Depression of 1929.  He always feared another.  The point is -> it was formative for his life.  The late attacks on our Boomers-led since 1950 way of life has shaken us to our roots.  Many would deny it; most will acknowledge it privately.

If you see yourself in this big Pictue, you are NOT alone.  For all of us not in a secure job and income future, eg medicine, law, auto mechanics,  we can see ourselves reflected in just about every social system of our society and its Leadership.  Is the End Time (the Eschaton) in their bankruptcy, moral or economic?  Look.  See.  Think about it.  Government/Politics, Wall St/CEOs & Taxless Corporate Fortune 500.,  Finance/Banking/Insurance, Education, Sports, Celebrity, HealthCare, AgriBusiness, the Televangelist Church?  Is this what our preacher prognosticator friend is trying to tell us?  Is this failure another’s true prophecy?  How do you see it?  That’s the Question that lies in this cultural phenom.  It is for each of us to answer from where we sit.

What many many mindful people are asking themselves is, WHAT IS TRYING TO SHIFT HERE?!  If you feel this keenly, find support and community.  Discover and act upon what it is in your life, among your responsibilities, that is asking of you. “What are our/my pains and concerns asking of me/us?’   …  that I may adapt with my strengths and thrive, to my benefit and all those around me – at home, at work, in my community?”

They say it was the dinosaurs’ inability to adapt that brought to them their “End Of The World.”


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