IMF Chief DSK. Men: does his scandal rep your masculinity?

Scandals ask good questions!       ”Oh just another man being a man, over-stepping his bounds,” many will say.  “His sin is he was caught,” others will chime.  Among his fellow countrymen he was publicly known to have this compulsion AND he was ADMIRED FOR IT, called “The Great Seducer.”  BUT WHAT does this guy mean?  What does his cultural HERO STATUS, about to run for president as a honcho, a millionaire, a world leader, an executive of the greatest monetary agency in the world, say about the mental reality and psychic health of we men in the 21st century today?!?   Marriage as a sacred pact  and social institution is but the platform on which DSK’s exposure asks all men about the fidelity they have with themselves first.

I do not apologize for asking this question.  I see his infidelity as the INFIDELITY, a complete rift between what a man is and what he does, his being and his doing.  I see in Monsieur DSK the loss of a core of fidelity with himself .  I see the wide chasm between his power in his job and his complete lack of it in his privacy, a King in one space, a pauper in the other, a Lover who uses violence on women, a Warrior gone impotent, a Magician gone incompetent — the Bankrupt Banker of Banks.  What do our women think of us in the light of DSK?  Are women losing their faith in men?  Would it surprise we men?  What do we do about it, men?!  We look to ourselves as a beginning………


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