Career Coaching and Fukushima, Japan

How Does the Disaster of Fukushima, Japan Relate to Your Career Advancement?

WHAT IF?  What if an answer to this question materially helped us in the stressful, unfamiliar waters of a job hunt or a career change?    Our answer is in the holistic perspective, “See the Part, see the Whole; see the Whole, see the Part.” The better we see the one, the better we deal with the other, and vice versa.  The answer can produce OPTIMUM results in career advancement.

Take a big breath or two and look at Fukushima.  To associate with it for a moment is to ask, what is it I do at home, work, in my neighborhood that does or does not say, “It’s OK to build something useful but dangerous in an unstable location with minimum safeguards to protect surrounding people and nature?”  We call this “Integral Thinking.”  How do we apply this tool to our career advancement?

Because we are all in a holistic hierarchy of being (“A Brief History of Everything,” K.Wilber) the Part that is Fukushima inescapably acts upon all of us, the Whole, we worldwide citizens.  Fukishima requires a positive shift in building all our energy capacities, a Good News response worldwide tomorrow to Japan’s Bad News event just yesterday.

Ecological policy,business and awareness today is following the trend expressed by the slogan,”Think Globally, Act Locally.”   Again, “Whole/Part, and, Part/Whole.” People with concern for our global survival, our “island home,” as Bucky Fuller called it 40 years ago, agree, “We’re all in this together,” and “No man is an island.”  Rather than hapless frustration over problems large and faraway Fukushima offers me the choice to put into action the good intentions I have here now.

In business Integral thinking is any person or function that motivates and rewards people for using the level of their awareness that sees Integrally, Part for Whole and Whole for Part.  Top quality products and services result from this way of thinking, MBA professors of Management will attest.  We knew a man who built a multi-million dollar nationwide business out of seeing a street sweeper from this Integral perspective.

Association with the Big Picture of the earthquake, nuclear meltdown and loss of life in Japan is relevant to our strategies towards our career management goals.  Sound tactical decisions follow sound strategy, good for ourselves and for those with whom we work and/or live.  When one is in a career transition how do we build in an OPTIMUM outcome from the process we follow?   Employ an Integral approach.

What specifically does Integral thinking do for one is in a job hunt or a career advancement campaign?   It practicesmilitary-type assessment and planning.  What’s my highest objective and what are my best resources to achieve it?   Honesty required, honesty rewarded.  Measure where you are realistically.  Who am I and what do I want now?   What value do I offer for the rewards I expect to earn?  I contrast core values vis a vis skill set, motivation vis a vis sought-rewards, health and energy visa vis willingness to change, learn, train, grow, or develop myself.  It raises the question, who can help me, who can I help?  What do I need for victory, a new sustainable life?

This same Integral thinking applied in research of any company or position sought, or business envisioned as an entrepreneur, will pay big dividends by clarifying a match or a business plan.  It brings forth honest assessment and strategic planning, clarity of thought and wise tactical daily decision-making.  It sharpens and empowers interviewees by bringing all this Whole/Part awareness into in-control confident relevant communication, career risk management when it counts most.

We might just send gratitude to Fukushima for its request of us to shift the building of our careers, like all future energy facilities, into powerful secure OPTIMUM operations.

Charles (Chas) Benz


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