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 Master of  Inner Growth and Life Transformations,

Professional Life Coach, Ordained Counselor, Career Consultant

“Wake Up, Grow Up, Clean Up, Show Up.”

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I work with individuals and couples in my integrated role as a priest, spiritual counselor, Positive Psychology Life Coach, career consultant, and meditation trainer.  Originally trained as a pastoral counselor I have additional training as an international Certified Professional Coach, a “Belief Closet” healing gestalt therapist, a Haldane career counselor, an initiated Integral Warrior Shamanic Priest*, and a graduate of Ken Wilber’s Integral Theory worldcentric online course, the “Super Human Operating System.”  

I bring you new perspectives that will Awaken you to your vision for Growth and Healing, to Show Up in your life like never before.  In all new ways your work life and personal life can integrate in terms that you alone will clarify and confirm.   You will create and claim new positive beliefs that work for you!

In addition to my therapeutic practice my corporate business experience includes 20+ years as a senior non-profit development executive. {see tab “About Charles.”]  If you want your work and career to transition into a new job of refreshed meaning and purpose, we will work in steps A-Z to make it happen.  I’ve done it myself!

My diverse training and experience can benefit you in any area of your life in which you accept the challenge to grow.  You will practice a way of compassion and understanding of yourself that you have not experienced before.  I’ll show you how.  

No matter your background, traditions, or habits of the past, sustainable change for you is accessible and attainable.  Your answers lie within you.  Let’s discover them and put them to work.  We will clarify and bring new focus to your goals and how to achieve them.   Integral counseling, coaching and consulting  is my sacred purpose and skill set, a rare form of support you can receive nowhere else.  We can do it in person, via Skype (or other media platform) from just about anywhere.   Click here.  Our first consult together is FREE.