Do you want to act in new ways that change your life?

Can’t do it alone?


Then leave behind procrastination, frustration, and blaming the past.

Exchange loss for gain, pain for power, isolation for involved,  sadness for smiles.

Heal old wounds to create new self-respect, confidence and compassion for yourself.

Activate your spirituality in a way you can practice.

Find the way to lead yourself from one victory to the next.


I’m a professional counselor of 35+ years.  My job is to help you find answers to your most important questions that you act upon to your real benefit … 

… that are 1) self-satisfying, 2) lasting, and 3) empowering, now and for  any future challenges.

 You’ll no longer be stuck.  You’ll have momentum.

 Some call it Redemption.  I call it Transformation. 


I’m the Reverend Charles Benz, BCTS, M.Div, IWSP, CPC.

Charles Benz Portrait

I became a Philosopher/Priest, and a Life Coach on my own spiritual journey.  

Contact me for a free chat to see if we are a good fit to work together.

I’ll listen to your concerns and we can begin by defining your attainable goals.

Coaching is convenient. It can all be done in person or by phone, Skype, Gmail Video Chat and Email.

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I’ve been a seeker all my life.  It’s why I became an Episcopal priest, a certified life coach, and more.  I know a lot about having a “calling,” exercising one’s skills toward excellence while being compassionate toward ourselves in regard to our mistakes. We are each meant to evolve.  Each of us can learn to live masterfully if we both nurture and challenge ourselves.  This is what coaching does. [CONTACT ME NOW.]

My job and career coaching is about seeing you apply your highest skills to the purpose of your life, your productivity, and the meaning of all your activities that will give you fulfillment and happiness at deeper levels of why you do what you do.  They are the pragmatic and practical things you do every day that can and will reward you deeply and sustain you through life’s difficulties and challenges.  Your work life and personal life can be a unified whole.  Your values and your vision and plans can work collaboratively so you can grow and develop as a man or woman.  [CONTACT ME NOW.]  

Life coaching is simply that extra measure of support that brings deep determination and focus, clarity and contentment to all you do –  as a productive person, family member and citizen.  This is my job and my privileged gift to share forward: to help others move into their abundant peace so they may contribute this energy to others and make the world a better place to live.  It is a mission we all share.  It is for your benefit as well as the benefit of everyone who you meet and with whom you share your life.   [CONTACT ME NOW.]

To learn more about me and my viewpoint take a look at my Blog here and my profile.  See what resonates with you.  It will tell you whether we are a good fit or not to work together.  My posts can give you hints as to what your specific goals should be with a coach’s support.   [CONTACT ME NOW.]

A  trained certified professional coach has some very special insights, questions, and tools to make sure you are “playing your best game.”  It only takes a phone call to begin to discover how the special curious listening a coach does works. [CONTACT ME NOW.]

Read what others have said about me and my coaching. Coaching is not therapy or counseling.  It is about action, behavior and consciously improving your life’s quality a step at a time.  Coaching operates psychology by tapping deeply into your own wisdom, choices, power and control, stewarding your gifts to whatever is your unique purpose.  That is what make coaching a sacred task for me.” [CONTACT ME NOW.]

Our first chat is free.  Call or Email me now to get started. 

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In the 21st century having a “life coach” is about the critical extra measure of support needed to make real personal and professional change happen.  Certified Professional Coaching has earned the reputation today as the best Return on Investment one can make in oneself.  *CEO of Google, Inc., Eric Schmidt, said after he was coached, “Everybody needs a coach!”

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