Success?  Healing?  Purpose?  Identity?  Vocation?


What goals in your life elude you?  Would mindfulness help?

Are hidden or negative beliefs making your decisions for you?

Would you like to fully identify your ‘blocks’ and then eliminate them?

Are you ready to work to find your answers within yourself? 

Want to discover and use the power of your own spirituality?

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I am trained in vocational, marital and spiritual counseling and as a “life coach.”  My work includes the principles of  positive integral psychology and healing spiritual therapies.  My job is  to enable you to use the answers and energy that lie within you mindfully, with more awareness.  My coaching or counseling will tap deeply into your own wisdom so you can choose to live like never before.  We remove the blocks stopping you and focus you on whatever is your unique purpose and intention now.  My work is my sacred purpose. It is your journey to walk as you choose.  [CONTACT ME NOW.]

*I’m a former Episcopal priest, a Certified Professional Coach, a Haldane trained career consultant, a “Belief Closet” practitioner, and an initiated  “Integral Shaman.”  Your path of possibility is waiting for you to master change, to mindfully nurture yourself, to invest in managing yourself in ways you cannot imagine now.  Empowering you is what I do.  Your journey is yours to own and embrace. [CONTACT ME NOW.]

Counseling you in depth is what brings you an all-new base of focus, clarity and contentment.  This is my job and my gift to share forward: to move you into your own self-measured potential.  It is for your benefit and the benefit of everyone in your life.  Your contribution to others then makes the world a better place.  Evolution for each of us is a mission we all share.   [CONTACT ME NOW.]

A trained certified professional coach has some very special insights, probing questions, and tools to make sure you are aimed toward your Greatness.  It only takes a phone call to discover how my listening works for you. [CONTACT ME NOW.] 

My job and career coaching will get you to apply your most deeply motivated skills to the purpose, and the meaning (!) of your life.  Your new perspective will give you fulfillment and happiness, knowing mindfully what you are doing and why.  Practical things you do every day will reward you deeply and sustain you. Your work life and personal life can be a unified whole.  Your values, vision and plans will work together.  [CONTACT ME NOW.]  

Our first chat is free.  Call or email me to get started. 

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