Stress?  Anxiety?  Anger?  Depression?  Stuck?

 In Career, Relationships, Purpose or Spiritual Path?

Is It Time For You To Manage And Sustain Real Change ?

Replace Old False Beliefs With New Ones That Work?

Uproot and Discard Your Stumbling Blocks?

Package and Market Your Most Valuable Skills?

Integral Positive Psychology Is

For You To Wake Up, Show Up, Grow Up, Clean Up.

Empower Your SELF In Focus and Calm.


Consultant, Life Coach and Spiritual Counselor

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I work with individuals and couples in my integrated role as career consultant, therapeutic counselor, life coach and meditation trainer&guide.  A  former priest and clinically trained pastor, my additional training includes international certification as a Life Coach, as a “Belief Closet” meditation guide, an initiated Integral Shaman*, and a graduate of Ken Wilber’s online course, the “Super Human Operating System.”

New perspectives will awaken you to know what you are doing with your life and why.  The goal is to apply your best skills and highest motivation to your mindful life.  You will Wake Up, Grow Up and Clean Up, in Integral terms.  Your work life and personal life can be integrated.  Your values, vision and plans will work together.

My business experience includes 20+ years as a senior non-profit development executive and as a Haldane* trained career counselor.  {see tab “About Charles.”]  My diverse experience benefits you in any area of your life in which you accept the challenge to grow.  You will practice a way of compassion towards self {tonglen} and self-nurture you have not experienced before.  Empowering yourself comes from within.  I’ll show you how.  We can do it in person or via Skype from anywhere.  

No matter your background, ethnicity, traditions, or habits of the past,  new insight, discovery, and sustainable change for you is accessible and attainable here.  Your answers lie within you.  My work may include a guided inner dialogue with yourself, working in a higher state of mind, or writing everyday ‘to do’ lists.  You will remove the blocks or discard the beliefs that no longer serve you.  You will bring new focus to your goals and clarity in how to achieve them.   Integral counsel and coaching  is my sacred purpose, a rare form of support you can receive no where else.

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